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Course Title: S-290: Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior
Category: Wildland Fire
Course Details:

This is a classroom-based skills course designed to prepare the prospective supervisor to undertake safe and effective fire management operations. It is the second course in a series that collectively serves to develop fire behavior prediction knowledge and skills.

Duration: 32 hrs (classes are a normally a maximum of 8 hrs per day class time)
Prerequisites: S-190
Certification: NWCG
Scheduled Classes: None currently Scheduled
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Category: Aircraft Rescue / Fires
Managing Chaos: Disasters Emergencies and Aviation Response
Category: Command
Fire Command 1A: Command Principles for Company Officers
Fire Command 1B: Incident Management for Company Officers
Fire Command 1C: I-Zone Fire Fighting for Company Officers
Fire Command 2A: Command Tactics at Major Fires
Fire Command 2B: Management of Major Hazardous Materials Incidents
Fire Command 2C: High-rise Fire Fighting Tactics
Fire Command 2D: Planning for Large Scale Disasters
Fire Command 2E: Wildland Fire Fighting Tactics
I-200: ICS for Single Resources
I-300: Intermediate ICS
I-400: Advanced ICS: ICS for Command and General Staff
S-420 Command and General Staff: Command and General Staff
Category: Fire Investigation
Fire Investigation 1A: Fire Origin and Cause Determination
Fire Investigation 1B: Techniques of Fire Investigation
Introduction To Fire Scene Investigation
Category: Fire Prevention
Fire Prevention 1A: Introduction to the California Fire Code
Fire Prevention 1B: Inspection of Fire Protection Systems and Special Hazards
Fire Prevention 1C: Flammable Liquids and Gases
Category: HAZMAT / WMD
Hazardous Materials First Responder Awareness Level
Hazardous Materials First Responder Operational Level
Hazardous Materials First Responder Operational, Decontamination
HAZWOPER: Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response
Category: Individual Training
Future Fire Fighter Academy
Category: Instructor
Ethical Leadership in the Classroom
Instructional Techniques For Emergency Workers: Teaching Techniques
Training Instructor 1A: Instructional Techniques, Part 1
Training Instructor 1B: Instructional Techniques, Part 2
Category: Leadership
Leadership Symposium: Getting Work Done Through Others
Category: Management
Fire Management 1: Management/Supervision for Company Officers
Fire Management 2A: Organizational Development and Human Relations
Fire Management 2B: Fire Service Financial Management
Fire Management 2C: Personnel and Labor Relations
Fire Management 2D: Master Planning
Fire Management 2E: Ethics and the challenge of leadership
Leadership and Management Conference: Getting Work Done Through Others
Category: Specialty Training
Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting
Driver/Operator 1A: Emergency Vehicle Operations
FAA Drone Pilot Test Preparation: First Responder Drone Pilot Course for FAA Test Preparation
Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator 1B: Pump Operations
L-180: Human Factors On The Fireline
Category: Water Rescue
Open Water Rescuer: Open Water Rescuer Basic
Category: Wildland Fire
Incident Safety Awareness for Hired Vendors: Hired vendors working with CAL FIRE or USFS
RT-130: Annual Fireline Safety Refresher Training
S-130: Firefighting Training
S-131: Firefighter Type 1
S-133: Look Up, Look Down, Look Around
S-190: Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior
S-212: Wildland Fire Chain Saws
S-215: Fire Operations in the Wildland / Urban Interface
S-230: Crew Boss [Single Resource]
S-231: Engine Boss [Single Resource]
S-234: Ignition Operations
S-244: Field Observer
S-245: Display Processor
S-248: Status / Check-In Recorder
S-270: Basic Air Operations
S-290: Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior
S-330: Task Force / Strike Team Leader
S-339: Division / Group Supervisor
S-346: Situation Unit Leader
S-347: Demobilization Unit Leader
S-348: Resources Unit Leader
S-354: Facilities Unit Leader
S-359: Medical Unit Leader
S-404: Safety Officer
S-420: Command and General Staff
S-440: Planning Section Chief
S-445: Incident Training Specialist
S-450: Logistics Section Chief

Category: EMS
Basic Wilderness First Aid
Blood borne & Airborne Pathogens
BLS for Healthcare and Professional Rescuers
Child & Babysitting Safety
Emergency Oxygen Administration
Pediatric First Aid & CPR
Standard First Aid, CPR & AED
Wilderness First Aid
Category: Specialty Training
Instructional Techniques: Train The Trainer

Category: Technical Rescue
Advanced Vehicle Extrication Class: Extrication Techniques On Large,Heavy Vehicles
Auto Extrication
Confined Space Rescue Awareness
Confined Space Rescue Operations
Low Angle Rope Rescue Operational
Rapid Intervention Crew Tactics
Rescue Systems 1: Basic Rescue Skills
Rescue Systems 2: Advanced Rescue Skills
Rope Rescue: Rope Rescue Awareness and Operations
Rope Rescue Technician: Basic and Intermediate
Trench Rescue Technician
Category: Water Rescue
Inflatable Boat Operations: Civilian IBO Class
Open Water Rescue Boat Operator: Small Vessel
Open Water Rescuer: Open Water Rescuer Basic
Personal Watercraft Rescue Operations
Rescue Boat, Personal Water Craft and Surface Water Rescue: Rescue Swimmer
River and Flood Water Rescue
Surf Rescue Surface Water and Inflatable Boat Operations: Rescue Boat Training

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Customer Comments

Expertise and experience makes the class even more interesting. All the information was relevant, excellent resources, case studies and videos.


Great Instructor! Very knowledgeable on the subject


Background and experience of instructor allows him to relate course material to the job.

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