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Course Title: S-131: Firefighter Type 1
Category: Wildland Fire
Course Details:

Firefighter Type 1, S-131, is designed to meet the training needs of the Firefighter Type 1 (FFT1). This course is designed to be interactive in nature. It contains several tactical decision games designed to facilitate learning the objectives and class discussion. Topics include: fireline reference materials, communications, and tactical decision making.

Duration: 8 hrs (classes are a normally a maximum of 8 hrs per day class time)
Prerequisites: Qualified as a Fire Fighter Type 2
Certification: NWCG
Scheduled Classes: None currently Scheduled
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Category: Aircraft Rescue / Fires
Managing Chaos: Disasters Emergencies and Aviation Response
Category: Command
Fire Command 1A: Command Principles for Company Officers
Fire Command 1B: Incident Management for Company Officers
Fire Command 1C: I-Zone Fire Fighting for Company Officers
Fire Command 2A: Command Tactics at Major Fires
Fire Command 2B: Management of Major Hazardous Materials Incidents
Fire Command 2C: High-rise Fire Fighting Tactics
Fire Command 2D: Planning for Large Scale Disasters
Fire Command 2E: Wildland Fire Fighting Tactics
I-200: ICS for Single Resources
I-300: Intermediate ICS
I-400: Advanced ICS: ICS for Command and General Staff
S-420 Command and General Staff: Command and General Staff
Category: Fire Investigation
Fire Investigation 1A: Fire Origin and Cause Determination
Fire Investigation 1B: Techniques of Fire Investigation
Introduction To Fire Scene Investigation
Category: Fire Prevention
Fire Prevention 1A: Introduction to the California Fire Code
Fire Prevention 1B: Inspection of Fire Protection Systems and Special Hazards
Fire Prevention 1C: Flammable Liquids and Gases
Category: HAZMAT / WMD
Hazardous Materials First Responder Awareness Level
Hazardous Materials First Responder Operational Level
Hazardous Materials First Responder Operational, Decontamination
HAZWOPER: Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response
Category: Individual Training
Future Fire Fighter Academy
Category: Instructor
Ethical Leadership in the Classroom
Instructional Techniques For Emergency Workers: Teaching Techniques
Training Instructor 1A: Instructional Techniques, Part 1
Training Instructor 1B: Instructional Techniques, Part 2
Category: Leadership
Leadership Symposium: Getting Work Done Through Others
Category: Management
Fire Management 1: Management/Supervision for Company Officers
Fire Management 2A: Organizational Development and Human Relations
Fire Management 2B: Fire Service Financial Management
Fire Management 2C: Personnel and Labor Relations
Fire Management 2D: Master Planning
Fire Management 2E: Ethics and the challenge of leadership
Leadership and Management Conference: Getting Work Done Through Others
Category: Specialty Training
Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting
Driver/Operator 1A: Emergency Vehicle Operations
FAA Drone Pilot Test Preparation: First Responder Drone Pilot Course for FAA Test Preparation
Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator 1B: Pump Operations
L-180: Human Factors On The Fireline
Category: Water Rescue
Open Water Rescuer: Open Water Rescuer Basic
Category: Wildland Fire
Incident Safety Awareness for Hired Vendors: Hired vendors working with CAL FIRE or USFS
RT-130: Annual Fireline Safety Refresher Training
S-130: Firefighting Training
S-131: Firefighter Type 1
S-133: Look Up, Look Down, Look Around
S-190: Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior
S-212: Wildland Fire Chain Saws
S-215: Fire Operations in the Wildland / Urban Interface
S-230: Crew Boss [Single Resource]
S-231: Engine Boss [Single Resource]
S-234: Ignition Operations
S-244: Field Observer
S-245: Display Processor
S-248: Status / Check-In Recorder
S-270: Basic Air Operations
S-290: Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior
S-330: Task Force / Strike Team Leader
S-339: Division / Group Supervisor
S-346: Situation Unit Leader
S-347: Demobilization Unit Leader
S-348: Resources Unit Leader
S-354: Facilities Unit Leader
S-359: Medical Unit Leader
S-404: Safety Officer
S-420: Command and General Staff
S-440: Planning Section Chief
S-445: Incident Training Specialist
S-450: Logistics Section Chief

Category: EMS
Basic Wilderness First Aid
Blood borne & Airborne Pathogens
BLS for Healthcare and Professional Rescuers
Child & Babysitting Safety
Emergency Oxygen Administration
Pediatric First Aid & CPR
Standard First Aid, CPR & AED
Wilderness First Aid
Category: Specialty Training
Instructional Techniques: Train The Trainer

Category: Technical Rescue
Advanced Vehicle Extrication Class: Extrication Techniques On Large,Heavy Vehicles
Auto Extrication
Confined Space Rescue Awareness
Confined Space Rescue Operations
Low Angle Rope Rescue Operational
Rapid Intervention Crew Tactics
Rescue Systems 1: Basic Rescue Skills
Rescue Systems 2: Advanced Rescue Skills
Rope Rescue: Rope Rescue Awareness and Operations
Rope Rescue Technician: Basic and Intermediate
Trench Rescue Technician
Category: Water Rescue
Inflatable Boat Operations: Civilian IBO Class
Open Water Rescue Boat Operator: Small Vessel
Open Water Rescuer: Open Water Rescuer Basic
Personal Watercraft Rescue Operations
Rescue Boat, Personal Water Craft and Surface Water Rescue: Rescue Swimmer
River and Flood Water Rescue
Surf Rescue Surface Water and Inflatable Boat Operations: Rescue Boat Training

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Customer Comments

The instructor did a good job. Well spoken and interacts with the students in a positive manner.


Instructor was very specific and related all information to very recent incidents. Good Job!


The class was just what I needed to enhance my skills. Over All a Great Class

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