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Fire Management Consultant: Meet the Trainers and Instructors

Meet the Team

Fire Management Consultant wouldn't be where it is today without the wide range of specialized and skilled professional instructors and staff. We have to meet our expectations of providing the highest quality, safest, most up to date training and our team provides those qualities we value most. Select a Team Member below to view their Bio.

Phillip Queen - CEO, Founder & Instructor

Steve Bitto - Dvision Chief - Ocean Surf Rescue

Dennis Childress, Fire Service Training - Instructor

Rodney Mendes, Fire Service Training - Instructor

Scott McKenney EMT-P, Fire Service Training - Instructor

Mark Romer, Fire Service Training - Instructor

Dennis Orbus, Fire Service Training - Instructor

Chuck Dickson, Fire Service Training - Instructor

Karen Takai, Fire Service Training - Instructor

Rusty Witwer, Fire Service Training - Instructor

Jim Bolton, Rescue Operations Training - Division Chief - Rescue

David Glaser, Rescue Operations Training - Instructor


Phillip L. Queen started his career in the fire service in 1968 with Alameda County Fire Patrol. He became an instructor in 1975 when he received his lifetime fire service related teaching credential. He has taught firefighters, Chief Officers, and Company Officers as a consultant and college instructor throughout the country and has written several articles in trade journals on firefighting, command, and management. He is an author of two textbooks called Fighting Fires in the Wildland/ Urban Interface and The Visual Dictionary of Firefighting Tools and Resources, as well as an interactive CD called I-Zone Basics. Queen obtained a bachelor's degree of vocational education and a fire officer certification in the state of California. Phillip has worked in Orange County, Lake Tahoe, Butte County, Fairview Fire Protection District. He retired from the City of Hayward Fire Department in 2003. Queen also speaks at events and conferences on firefighter survival, fire command, and management training.

Phillip has a military background as a medic, infantry soldier, armor crew member, and military police officer. He has been nominated for the Soldiers Medal by United States Army.

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Customer Comments
Cambria Fire Department

I appreciate the use of videos to increase learning and visualize examples.

Redding Fire Department

Instructor was clearly knowledgeable on the subject and I enjoyed his relay of past experience.


The class was well put together. The instructor’s ability to relate course work to real life was great!

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